My Life Has Meaning

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Angelica Clark

Personal Quote: Be who you want to be and never apologize for being your true self. It is the only person you can be.

My Life has Meaning is about introducing the reader to think of who they can become. There are different careers/paths that one can take. Throughout their life, they may change their career choice or path several times but it’s okay!

This affirmation is also about accepting others life’s choices and understanding that whatever their career is, their life still has meaning and should not be looked down upon and discarded as meaningless talent. The garbage worker’s life is just as important as the surgeon’s life. The artist’s life is just as meaningful as the pharmacist’s life. Your life has meaning, your family member’s life has meaning, your friend’s life has meaning, the stranger’s life you saw today has meaning, and your pet’s life has meaning. Let’s always find meaning in life by validating your own and other’s life choices no matter what. It makes the world a little kinder.

Many children grow up as adults never grasping the true essence of their life’s meaning. Society has conditioned us at an early age to think that certain career paths will result in failure and a “long, hard life”. So as an adult, the doctor may view the man emptying their garbage as beneath them. The up and coming artist may view the pharmacist as having an easier life. We were taught at an early age that title holds weight in our society when in actuality, understanding purpose (your life’s meaning) holds the weight! The Janitor may be “richer in life” than the Pilot because the Pilot understands that their purpose is equally valued to someone who makes more money.

Your life is just as important as the person next to you. Each life has a purpose that connects the puzzle pieces to each other. Everyone’s life meaning has a purpose in piecing together the structure of our society. Understanding THAT is grasping the true essence of your life’s meaning. Be the best you no matter the title. No one can outdo being you like you can.

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