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Angelica R. Clark is an author of mindfulness books for children.

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Angelica R. Clark

Angelica R. Clark is a Louisiana native who spent fifteen years in the corporate world of finance. It became her niche but with a degree in Psychology, her first love of naturally understanding people always brought her back to her calling of mentoring and uplifting others through difficult times.

Angelica is a mother of two daughters. She is the daughter of two ordained ministers, and the youngest of four very ambitious siblings who have set the tone for success. “Failure was welcomed but staying down was not an option.” The unexpected loss of a close childhood friend sent her to a dark place but it was there where she found her life’s purpose. Trusting her path, Angelica was inspired to create a Trilogy of books that introduce children, tweens, and teens to speaking life into oneself by encouraging better problem solving and coping skills when life throws us lemons.

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